Meet the Rotary Adelaide West team ...

Welcome to our club! We do hope you'll consider visiting us one Thursday lunch to meet us all in person.
Contact any of us direct if you have any specific questions, wish to visit, or be involved in our club in any way.
Below is a list of our Club and Board members for 2016-17. We'd love your photo to appear as well!

Green, Kym

Kym Green

• 2016-17 President

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Chong, Cathy

Cathy Chong

• Pres Elect 2017-18 (Vice Pres)
• 2016-17 Chair, Youth Service

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Sherwin-Lane, Glenda

Glenda Sherwin-Lane

• 2016-17 Secretary
• Grants Officer

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Fagioli, Eileen

Eileen Fagioli

• Treasurer 2013-17

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Magee, George

George Magee

• Immediate Past President (2015-16)

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Alwis AM, Randolph

Randolph Alwis AM

Appleby, Tom

Tom Appleby

• Club Sergeant

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Armour, Richard

Richard Armour

• Club Lawyer

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Beer, Geoff

Geoff Beer

• Charitable Trust Trustee

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de Weerd, Henk

Henk de Weerd

• 2016-17 Chair, Club Admin
• Club Bulletin / Photographer

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Dodd, Michael

Michael Dodd

• Manager - Regional South Australia members

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Edgley, Rosemary

Rosemary Edgley

French, Geoff

Geoff French

Greeneklee, Peter

Peter Greeneklee

Griggs, David

David Griggs

• Sergeant
• Guest Speakers

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Hennig, Bryan

Bryan Hennig

• 2015-17 Chair, Community Service & RYDA Project Manager

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List, Tony

Tony List

• 2015-17 Chair, International Service

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Logue, Catherine

Catherine Logue

Madigan OAM, John

John Madigan OAM

• 2016-17 Chair, Membership

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Marles, Bill

Bill Marles

• 2016-17 Chair, Marketing & PR

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Merendi, Yvonne

Yvonne Merendi

• Grote Business Precinct rep

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Mills, Simon

Simon Mills

• 2015-17 Chair Vocational Services

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Moya-Knox, Amparo

Amparo Moya-Knox

Parker, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Parker

Pecanek, Henry

Henry Pecanek

• 2016-17 Food for the Homeless Project Manager

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Thompson, Peter

Peter Thompson

• Public Officer
• Child & Vulnerable Protection

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Weber, Claus

Claus Weber

• 2015-17 Chair, Fundraising and Fellowship

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White, Denis

Denis White

• APY Lands Project
• Major Salvation Army

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Hollister, Kevin

Kevin Hollister

• Friend of Rotary

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Leitch, Brenton

Brenton Leitch

• Friend of Rotary

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Walker-Magee, Sebastian

Sebastian Walker-Magee

• Friend of Rotary

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01 July 2016


We are delighted to announce the recent acceptance of Amparo Moya-Knox & Susan Myburgh as new members of our Club to be inducted in July. Susan has been volunteering for many months with our food for the Homeless project. Amparo, having recently moved to Adelaide, also now getting involved with Club projects. We look forward to both of you feeling at home at Adelaide West!

19 May 2016

2016 Membership Open!

Opportunities are open now for you to apply for membership of the Rotary Club of Adelaide West. If you would like to get involved in local community events, have some fun, help people out ... and make some new friends, please do consider Rotary. Our Club is involved in all sorts of projects large and small. Local and international. Our members often bring to the club new ideas and projects. Some are one off's and others are ongoing. By coming along to lunch with us as our guest, we'll happily explain more about Rotary in general and our projects specifically so you can see if Rotary is the right match for you and your lifestyle!