Corporate Membership

Consider nominating your business for membership of the
Rotary Club of Adelaide West.

Rotary Internationally has an outstanding reputation for its charitable
nature to support the community. Businesses worldwide take pride in
promoting their strong Corporate citizenship by joining Rotary with its
reputation for selfless people donating their passion and time towards
both local and international projects.

For as little as $9.90 per week ($515 per year) your business
can join the Rotary Club of Adelaide West and demonstrate your
fantastic Corporate Governance by working with and supporting the
Internationally Renowned service organisation that is Rotary.

Rotary knows that business people are often time poor
with the pressures of modern society.

The benefits of a Corporate Membership is being able to SHARE
attendance at Rotary lunches, meetings and projects amongst
up to 3 people from your organisation.

Collectively your 3 nominated people represent your business
as a team - without the added pressure of having to individually be
at all meetings.

You can work as a team, and still enjoy all the benefits
of being a Rotarian.

Then you can promote amongst your clients and business
community your business' passion to support your community
through the might of Rotary.

Proudly display a Rotary Membership plaque in your front foyer if you wish.

The lead nominated person is inducted as a full Rotarian
with full privileges. And YES, the other two representing team members
nominated under your Corporate Membership can also choose in
the future to become fully fledged individual Rotary members in
their own right if they choose.

Adelaide West Club is one of very few in South Australia currently
offering this wonderful initiative, and it's fast becoming popular.

Please Download the Information Leaflet >>
in the Right Hand Column for more detailed information or

contact Membership Director John Madigan
(08) 8379 1640 or

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