Overview of a 'Usual' Club Meeting

Guests regularly visit Adelaide West Club meetings and are warmly welcomed.

Some guests are visiting Rotarians from other Clubs, including from other States and Countries.

Other guests are non-Rotarians who may be either addressing our club, or considering joining Rotary - coming along simply to meet our team and get a feel for Rotary in general.

Below is the format for a 'usual' lunchtime meeting.

12.30  :  Members start arriving at the SAGE Hotel front bar,
              208 South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.

12.50  :  Guests attend the Welcoming Table to receive a visitors card
              plus a free carpark pass to sit on your dashboard (do not pay for parking) 

12.50  :  Rotarians choosing to have lunch pay at Welcoming Table
              entry is $25 including meal & coffee; $5 excluding meal

12.50  :  Weekly Raffle tickets available at Welcoming Table
              $2 for 1 ticket;  $5 for 3 tickets

12.55  :  Members and Guests make their way to tables

  1.00  :  Meeting commences

  1.00  :  Welcome to members and visitors by Sergeant
              and proposal of Toasts

  1.05  :  Sergeant Introduces our President

  1.05  :  President Welcomes members of Adelaide West,
               visiting Rotarians and other guests

   1.10  :  Lunch is served to those choosing to eat

   1.10  :  President advises meeting of any notices
               - club members asked to update members of progress on projects
               - a comical 'fines' session recognises noteworthy happening
                 amongst club members - coin donations are collected
                 which go toward Rotary projects.

  1.25  :  Sergeant addresses Club and introduces Guest Speaker

  1.30  :  Guest Speaker addresses club

  1.50  :  Questions for Guest Speaker from attendees

  1.55  :  Sergeant gives vote of thanks and calls President

  1.55  :  President thanks speaker(s); visiting Rotarians & guests

  1.55  :  Raffle Drawn by Guest Speaker

  1.59  :  President's thought for the day.

  2.00  :  Meeting closes - have a coffee and chat

  2.00  :  Many attendees with spare time remain
              for a coffee, drink and networking opportunities.

To attend our next meeting, we appreciate RSVP's in advance to help us plan seating and/or meals. Please telephone (08) 7444 5086 or email RSVP@RotaryAdelaideWest.org

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