Rotary Adelaide West Bulletin Wins!

Congratulations are in order to John Madigan, Tania MacDonald and all contributors to our Club Bulletin.

At Marie Dorrington's induction as 2012/13 District Governor on Sunday 1st July, Eric Russell (2011/12 DG) presented the District Awards.

Adelaide West Club's Bulletin WON hands down for best District Bulletin. In fact in Eric's words - nothing else came close!

So for the countless hours of hard work put in by John Madigan to plan and coordinate the content of the Bulletin every fortnight and to Tania MacDonald for her creative graphic design flair to craft our Bulletin - a heartfelt thanks from all Club members.

Of note though - the award is for both looks and content. So for every member who has prepared an article, taken a photo or sourced graphics to go in the Bulletin to help John and Tania - a pat on the back to you also.

There is one more person well deserving of a thanks - Kay Madigan for all of her proof reading and brainstorming that happens quietly in the background for each issue!

"What better way for our Club to inspire new people to get involved with Rotary and Adelaide West Club.

With such a bright, colourful and informative Bulletin, filled with fantastic photos of all the Projects and Activities our Club is involved with ... why wouldn't a member of the community be inspired to visit us for lunch one Thursday to learn more.

Please feel free to share our Bulletin far and wide with pride!"

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