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You can read more of Brittany's story below.

Brittany Morris is now 11. She was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor back in 2003 aged 2 years after she collapsed unconscious at home.

She was rushed to the Adelaide Womens and Childrens Hospital where she had 2 major surgeries to remove the brain tumor and 10 other operations to manage complications.

Her parents Tom and Natasha and brothers Lachlan, Ethan and Mathew didn't know whether Brittany would live from one day to the next.

She then underwent 4 months of chemotherapy followed by 8 weeks of Radiotherapy which made her even weaker and necessitated more lengthy hospital stays.

Despite all, she amazed everyone and eventually recovered fully and led a relatively normal life. As she has grown up at school, Brittany has loved sports, ballet, reading, drawing and giving her brothers hell.

She even loved school and would cry if she couldn't go even when she was sick. To Tom and Natasha it was a relief to see her enjoying life and being a normal kid again all the time hoping the worst was behind them.

A Major Blow!

Unfortunately in December 2010 Brittany started to complain of blurred vision and headaches. Scans revealed a tumor in the brain stem. The condition is fatal as there are no viable treatment options!

This cancer is different from Brittany's first and is most likely due to the radiation therapy she had when she was a baby. Initial estimates gave her less than 12 months to live but she has managed to hang on for 18 months now.

Her condition is deteriorating and she has been left paralysed on the left hand side of her body and as the cancer progresses she will become fully paralyzed and eventually death is inevitable. A most heart wrenching prognosis for the future!

As you can imagine, Brittany's family's lives have been turned upside down. The stress and and anxiety is absolutely enormous.

Over the last 18 months, Brittany has had lengthy stays in hospital and has endured some horrible treatments in an effort to slow the growth of the tumor.

3 times a week, she visits the Womens & Childrens Hospital for Steroid and chemotherapy treatments to slow the growth of the tumour, but the side effects have been horrendous, and reduced her quality of life.

In Steps the Rotary Club of Adelaide West

Our magnificent member Edan Barnett with his never ending heart of gold heard about the Morris Family's plight.

Father Tom told Edan how the family has been battling to make financial ends meet, despite all the magnificent assistance from the team at the Womens and Childrens Hospital.

Tom has used up all of his work leave entitlements and their bank account is at rock bottom trying to keep up. Worst of all, he must go to work to keep the entire family afloat, despite his desire to stay home with Natasha and Brittany to support them both and the rest of the kids.

Can you even try to imagine what they're going through?

Edan started with a chat to Gavin D'Cruz at Smiths Holden of Port Adelaide when he heard that Tom an Natasha were down to one car, and Tom needed that to get to work.

Gavin and Used Car Division Manager Mark Tennant to the rescue! Smiths have leant the Morris family a lovely sedan unconditionally to help them out.

On Saturday 8th September, we all descended on Smiths on Port Road at Port Adelaide for the official handing over of the keys.

This car will revolutionise Natasha's life over the coming months to assist her to get Brittany to her numerous medical appointments while still looking after the rest of the family.

It was a beautiful sight to see the smiles on the family's faces as they drove off. From Rotary Adelaide West to Smiths of Port Adelaide, a huge THANK YOU for your generosity and true community spirit. You've raised a smile in all of our hearts.

Stay Tuned!

This story is only starting to unfold. Edan and the Adelaide West team are only just underway with helping the Morris family out during their terrible time.

Very shortly, a Rotary Adelaide West Gardening Expedition Team will descend on their front garden for a tidy up and revamp. A chore many of us take for granted and often enjoy, for the Morris' as they battle time and such a hectic schedule, the garden is just one burden that has slipped down the list of necessities.

A Rotary Working-Bee in late September is just the thing to help take some load off of their shoulders, and show that their community cares.

We'd Love your help!

If you or your business has also been moved by Brittany Morris' challenge, we'd love to hear from you. If you could donate some time, passion, food or even a little cash to help this family during their darkest hour, please do not hesitate to contact our Club.

Telephone Edan Barnett direct on 0400 467 766 or email

With our many thanks in anticipation of hearing from you!

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