Homeless Project has a cold win

Our Club is delighted to announce we have been successful in securing a $5,000 grant from the West End Community Fund, enabling us to purchase new portable refrigeration equipment to help us keep fresh food donations cool.

Every fortnight, our volunteers visit generous traders of the Adelaide Central Market on a Saturday afternoon to collect unsold fresh produce that would otherwise be thrown in the bin.

We are now able to keep in particular the meat and dairy produce even cooler in our new portable refrigeration, helping us get it to our 4 homeless charities in great condition.

The refrigeration also comes with battery power enabling us to keep our cool when not near a power source.

Thank you West End for your community focus and helping our Club keep our long running Adelaide Homeless Project safer and sustainable!

If you would like to volunteer every now and then by joining our Collection Team, email our club at Community@RotaryAdelaideWest.org
or telephone 0438 371 784.

A typical collection lasts between 2 and 3 hours, is a lot of fun, an easy walk and highly rewarding.

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