Parliament House Vocational Visit

Our Club's many thanks to Senator Jing Lee MLC for inviting our Club to visit Parliament House for a delightful morning tea and tour on Wednesday 14 December 2016.

We convened in the old members dining room of Old Parliament House for a relaxed chat with Senator Jing. A great way for us all to share stories over a cuppa and bite to eat.

Jing then took us on a lovely tour through Parliament House, with a wonderful commentary about the History and protocols of Parliament dating back to the formation of the Westminster parliamentary system.

She explained many of the architectural features of this beautiful Victorian style building, coupled with some fascinating stories of past and present happenings in the chambers, as we visited both the House of Represenatives (Lower House) and Legislative Council (Senate / Upper House).

Jing had some fascinating tales to tell - why the colours green and red for the chambers became symbolic dating back hundreds of years. Why various people sit in specific positions. A lovely tale of the Bonython family's momentous donation to the State to enable the Senate to be built. And so so much more.

As you can see from the photos, we had plenty of opportunities to snap off some shots as we all asked Jing a myriad of questions.

Thank You Senator Jing - your time and passion to explain the workings and history of the South Australian Parliament! Greatly appreciated! Infectious enthusiasm.

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