Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) a Huge Success

Friday 11 Sepetmber saw our Club run its first stand alone Rotary Youth Driver Awareness road safety training day.

Around 220 students mainly aged from 18 to 25 from Thebarton Senior College attended enthusiastically and got right into all of the presentations and demonstrations.

Questions and comments flowed liberally. Volunteers stepped forward to offer opinions. Not only was a great time had by all, these students left the full day training course with a new perspective of road safety, not only as a driver in a vehicle, but also as a passenger.

The students were split into 6 groups, enabling them to cycle through the 6 half hour lectures presented on the day.

A high focus of a RYDA day is on awareness. Identifying Hazards and Distractions for example is one of the topic that focuses on general awareness outside of the vehicle. How to observe surroundings to avoid collisions with vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Plus how to minimise distractions IN the vehicles that so often lead to driver inattention, increasing the risk of accidents.

Our RYDA day does not teach students how to drive a vehicle.

It teaches them the flow on skills of how to drive that vehicle safely and to arrive alive.

By the end of our RYDA day all 220 students were effusive with their praise for the day. It was so lovely to see so many getting actively involved and to receive so many hand shakes and thanks from individuals.

HOLDEN AUSTRALIA - our heartfelt thanks to you for sponsoring this day with our Club. Your contribution was outstanding, including your loan of the wonderful Cruze that we used in the Speeds & Stoppping Track demonstrations.


Although some families are able to afford around $25 for their child to attend a RYDA day - not all are as fortunate. Hence sponsorships are so important to Rotary.

If you are able to donate to assist our Club and others run more RYDA days and include more students, please make an < online donation here > with our many thanks!

For more information on Rotary Adelaide West Club's RYDA Days, please phone (08) 7444 5086

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An outstanding view of RYDA running in South Australia, thanks to ABC's Stateline