RYDA 2018 Road Safety Success

Thebarton Senior College participated with our Club again by engaging 200 of their students in our annual Rotary Youth Driver Awareness training day.

Held at the Christian Family Centre on Frederick Road at Seaton, our day kicked off at 9am with 6 bus loads of students rolling in.

They were divided into 6 equal groups and throughout the day, they rotated through our 6 lectures and demonstrations offering them insights into ways they can make choices to improve their driving techniques to decrease their risk of having a crash.

The RAA of SA team were out in the carpark with a brand new Holden Commodore (kindly provided by Peter Kittle Holden) to demonstrate the distances it takes a car to stop in an emergency at differing speeds. Plus they explain the safety features on modern cars (such as ABS Braking) to ensure students understand how the features interact with their driving patterns in different road conditions.

SA Police offer their insight into a range of road rules; crash statistics and the affect on emergency services workers who have to attend crashes.

Hazzards and Distractions segment opens students minds to the wide array of Hazzards that can pop up on the road any day as they drive, and then challenges their minds with identifying Distractions in the vehicle that too often mean drivers don't see a Hazzard causing a crash. The session asks them to choose ways they can minimise distractions in their vehicles, either as a driver or a passenger, to be more alert to things happening outside the vehicle.

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