Central Adelaide Homeless Project

A major project for Adelaide West Club is our partnership with 3 local charities supporting Adelaide's homeless / disadvantaged and the traders of the Adelaide Central Market as we collect unsold fresh food and homeware products for use in our community, rather than see it wasted at the end of the trading week.

Centacare, one of our charities, manage a group of homes primarily dealing with the crisis of homeless youth including young single mothers.

Centacare offer them secure temporary accommodation and help them up onto their feet. A particular emphasis is building life skills to care for themselves and their children where applicable.

Adelaide West Club assists this terrific passion. We asked the wonderful traders of the Adelaide Central Market to donate any unsold food products to this cause.

Every fortnight, project manager Christine Tenni-Smith and her roster of volunteer helpers from Adelaide West Club visit around 20 traders in the Market on a Saturday Afternoon soon before closing time.

Products donated are immediately delivered to 3 local charities supporting the homeless, including Centacare, the Salvos and Anglicare.

To the end of 2014, around $80,000 worth of produce has been collected. Car loads full of healthy food choices.

How YOU can help as an individual

Join our collection team roster for a day (takes approx. 2 hours)

Donate your own Fresh Food or Homewares Products

Contact Henry Pecanek today < here >

How YOU can help as a Business

Donate Fresh Food

Donate useful general Homewares Products

Contact Henry Pecanek today < here >


Although the majority of collections regularly come from the Adelaide Central Market traders, Adelaide West Club also wishes to thank a host of other businesses and individuals outside of the Market who have contacted us to donate products.

Please support our Adelaide Central Market donors:-

  • AGA Meats
  • Atlas Continental
  • Barossa Fine Foods
  • Bill B's
  • Dough
  • Feast
  • Gourmet to Go
  • House of Organics
  • Jagger Fine Foods
  • M&M's Fruit Mart
  • Marco the Mushroom Man
  • Say Cheese
  • Skala Bakery
  • Springfield Butchers
  • Stall 69
  • Taste of Marrakech
  • Wild Loaf

We even received a phone call from a gentleman with too much fruit on his home fruit tree, and asked if we'd like to collect his excess to pass on!

Please do consider contacting our Club
if you believe you can assist in any way.