Helping a Family in Need

In the latter months of 2012, Rotary Adelaide West received a telephone request from a company who had regularly supported our Club, to this time ask for our Clubs support for one of their employees.

The Morris family from Elizabeth have had an extremely tough decade with their young daughter Brittany, who has battled a combination of Brain and Brain Stem tumours.

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Financially, the family was having difficulty making ends meet. Emotionally they were being stretched to the limits.

Father Tom had used up all of his leave entitlements at work and everthing was becoming overwhelming, at a time that the family, including Brittany's 3 brothers, simply needed time to spend together.

The Rotary Club of Adelaide West offered to assist and were kindly supported by Channel 7's Today Tonight to spread the word.

An exceptionally generous Adelaide got in touch. A range of individuals donating cash, coupled with wonderful local busineeses offering their time, expertise and materials have revolutionised the family's life.

It started with Smith's Holden of Port Adelaide loaning a car to help the family get Brittany to medical appointments.

One of our Rotary Adelaide West Club members kindly donated use of her beach front holiday house near Goolwa for the family to have a couple of quick breaks away.

It followed on with the companies featured in the right hand column donating an amazing amount of time, energy, enthusiasm and quality materials to perform a front garden make over.

Solar Power has gone in on the roof with an aim to zero out the family's electricity bill, to not only help today, but for many years to come.

While the makeover was underway, the family jumped on a plane and headed to Queensland for a couple of weeks for some 'Quality Time' away from routine to enjoy the theme parks ... with all travel, accommodation and park entrances so generously donated also.

We must also sincerely thank the Rotary Clubs of Elizabeth and Adelaide Light for stepping in with their hands to also support the garden makeover.

A true group effort by all involved.

Our best wishes remain always with Brittany and her family, and another sincere thank you to every single donor who has stepped in to help the Morris family with us.

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