Pyjamas for Elderly

A scary thought that so many Nursing Home residents around Adelaide have a severe lack of personal items such as Pyjamas.

In mid-2011, club members Susy Yin and Bel Simmons presented a story to our club that rather shocked our membership.

Bel described the living conditions in a number of nursing homes around Adelaide where residents endure quite awful conditions. Some residents had no sleepware at all. Some no toothbrushes or hair brushes or personal toiletries.

Personal items we would consider basic necessities of life were simply not provided to these people, resulting in their dignity severely hurt.

Bel was so sadened by this that she needed to share her story with our Club. And the solution was instantly apparent. Adelaide West Rotary would support Bel and Susy's determination to collect Pyjamas and other personal items to pass on to these people doing it tough, without family members to care for them.

A fundraising concert at Stoneyfell Winery was held to raise awareness, funds and donations of items. A great success.

Club members Radio Station 5EBI 103.1 FM interviewed the girls and put out regular appeals on air to their multicultural audience. Donations poured in. Soon, 5EBI's foyer had boxes of PJ's and personal items all over. A gentleman even walked in with a CASH donation of $1,000 to the project. A BIG Thank You to 5EBI's wonderful community.

Club member Edan Barnett with his many and varied connections had a chat to K-Mart about our plight. They immediately donated about 5 Boxes of pyjama stocks they had around. What a stunning effort. Again - Thank You K-Mart.

Our own Club Members individually chipped in with a range of donations to.

How YOU Can Help!

We would greatly appreciate any donations of quality products you are willing to offer. All donations are delivered direct to residents by Bel and Susy - matched up to residents' individual needs.

This is an on-going project for our Club - so on-going donations welcome.

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