(RYDA) Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

Our Club's sincere thanks to the companies and individuals donating to this wonderful program that the Rotary Club of Adelaide West supports across South Australia.

There are many RYDA programs run across South Australia by varying Clubs following RYDA's national program curriculum.

RYDA is a one day, out of school program, delivering practical road safety information targeting attitude and awareness of 16-18 year old drivers and their passengers.

Around 150 students per day participate. They get broken into six groups of 25 and rotated around the 6 topic lectures, presented by professionals in the field such as Driving Instructors; Police Officers; Nurses; RAA technical advisors; survivors of serious accidents etc.

Some of the topics covered include:-

  • perceiving hazards and avoiding them
  • identifying and avoiding distractions
  • understanding a vehicles' safety features
  • maintaining vehicle safety
  • understanding stopping distances at differing speeds
  • effects of fatigue, alcohol and prescription drugs
  • experiences of a crash survivor (very emotional and moving)
  • understanding the law

'Rotary Youth Driver Awareness' is all about Saving Lives and Reducing Serious Injuries on our roads in the age bracket with the highest mortality rate : 17 to 25 year olds.

Road statistics see about 300 young people between 17 and 25 DIE on Aussie roads each year. 20 times this number are seriously injured. Then consider the flow on affect to the families and friends of these 6,000+ people nationally. This age group represents 13% of our driving population – BUT – they also represent 25% of the crashes. The majority from kids within their first 2 years with a drivers license.

Across Australia and New Zealand about 50,000 students a year participate. South Australia's numbers are now building rapidly, again with our Club's many thanks to YOU - our wonderful supporters.

Compared to 10 years ago though, it is nice to see the road toll dropping. Many success stories have been attributed to students participating in RYDA, delivered by their local Rotary Club.

Across the day, they will have participated in 3 Hours of lectures, including some hands on lessons.

< YOUR SPONSORSHIP > makes a BIG difference. It will enable multiple Rotary Clubs to bring more and more children through their RYDA days, including those from economically disadvantaged families who simply cannot afford extra costs in their lives.

If you would like to know more about RYDA, please do NOT hesitate to
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Perhaps you can introduce RYDA to your own Child's School.
We would appreciate your efforts to spread the word.

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(RYDA) Rotary Youth Driver Awareness - see why our Club supports this valuable programme to save children's lives!