Together, we are "This Close" to Ending Polio

Since the mid-80s, Rotary and its partners have been working hard to make history by eradicating the crippling disease Polio from our Planet. Back then, 350,000 new Polio cases were reported each year.

This has reduced to less than 1,000 new cases in 2013 - a 99% reduction in 30 years.

To achieve this, Millions of Rotary volunteer hours have ben donated to achieve this result. It's been hard work, but so rewarding.

Internationally, the 33,000+ Clubs that form the Rotary Network have united to this major ambition. We've received $Millions in donations from people and businesses like you the world over.

In fact - Rotary takes our hat off to one person in particular - Mr Bill Gates from Microsoft Corporation, who has invested Hundreds of Millions of Dollars partnering with Rotary and YOU. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are equally determined to see it through to the END!

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Every $1 Donated by you today will turn into $3 with thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who will increase every one of your dollars with an extra $2. You Donate $10 - it turns into $30. You Donate $100 - it turns into $300! Amazing.

When was the last time you put $1 in the Bank and saw it TRIPLE? Help Rotary Today to maximise our fundraising to END POLIO with this fantastic offer from Bill Gates ... but it is with thanks first to YOU that this can happen.

Our online Donation Form allows you to pay by VISA / MASTERCARD / AMEX or PAYPAL. All personal donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. All Corporate Donations are also tax deductible.

BUSINESSES Donating $200 or more will be presented with a CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION (sample pictured in right hand column) to demonstrate to your Customers and your community that you are an outstanding and caring contributor to our community! Remember - this $200 turns into $600 after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation adds their $2 for $1 contribution!

Please telephone 0410 523 106 if you would prefer send a Cheque or arrange a Direct Debit.


In partnership, we're all making a real, measurable difference.

Although Australia is Polio Free these days, we are still conscious that this horrific disease does remain only one Plane trip away from our shores. No country can let down its guard at this final stage.

Quite simply - we are focussed on ensuring our immunisation program continues to build and reach into every corner of the globe - into the most disadvantaged countries to ensure all of our children are automatically immunised in their very early years. Only then will we see the total eradication of Polio by preventing the disease from passing from one generation to the next. We have THREE countries to go!

We ask you to continue to support our Polio eradication project.

Individuals at Adelaide West Club plus the Club itself have proudly donated directly to this project each year.

YOU CAN DONATE to Rotary to help support our Cause. Please phone 0410 523 106.

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